Booking a campaign

There are a couple of different ways to book a Campaign in EmediateAd, but the fastest is using the Booking wizard. The wizard guides you through all the necessary steps of a campaign booking, making sure your campaign is not missing any crucial settings. In the following we will give you a quick walkthrough on how to book a campaign via the booking wizard.

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  1. From the top menu bar mouse over the Advertising icon and choose Booking wizard from the dropdown menu.
  2. Here you must choose which Content units you want to book your campaign on. You can either find them via the search function or browse through all content units by clicking Show units.
  3. When having chosen the content units, select your date interval and the Priority level you want to book on and press Next step.
  4. In step 2 of the booking wizard you can add Targeting specifications if needed.
  5. On step 3 you get the result of whether or not there is available inventory on the content units to run your campaign. If the inventory is fully booked, you have the opportunity to recalculate by using e.g. new dates or changing the Priority level. When you are satisfied with the result; click “Next step”.
  6. Next you select the Advertiser you want to book the campaign for and finish by clicking Next step.
  7. From here you can give the campaign a target under “Stop after delivering” if there's an impression or click target. When done, press Commit.
  8. Now you need to add a Creative to the campaign. This is done by going to the campaign overview and choose Add creative and select the type of creative you wish to add.
  9. Insert the URL which the banner should link to and upload the banner. When done press Commit.
  10. Now the only thing left to do is edit the Campaign status from Reserved to Approved and the campaign is now ready to start.
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You can find a more detailed step-by-step walkthrough of the Booking wizard in Our manual.


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