Navigation in Cxense Display

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In order to give you a clear understanding of Cxense Display, we'll start by introducing the interface.

We'll look at the left side panels - containing the navigation features, and the top menu bar - containing the everyday work features.

Please keep in mind that the interface is flexible and can be changed for each user.

In fact, some of the features explained will not appear for all users, depending on the user privileges given to the by the admin. If you lack any features or options, please contact the local Cxense admin at your company.

Log in to Cxense Display

Enter the URL, the Username and the Password, given to you by Cxense or your admin, and press Log in.

Once logged in you see the Cxense Display Dashboard which can be customized to your liking. The top side panels are for different actions in Cxense Display, while the left side panel primarily is used for quick navigation and information.

Remember that you can also use your back and forward browser icons to navigate back and forth between previous pages. The top left Cxense Display logo will bring you straight back to the menu page, containing your dashboard.


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