Basic statistics

A report is a statistical analysis of how a Campaign has performed. The report can be customized manually so it contains exactly the data you need. In this guide we will show you how to draw a basic report on a single campaign but note that there are many more features available in the reporting section.

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How to get basic campaign statistics

  1. Locate the campaign you want to draw a report from.
  2. Click “Customize report” under “Report” box on the left side.
  3. You are now in the “Advertiser standard report” section of EmediateAd. Now choose the dates you want to draw the report from (per default this is set to the start/end date of the campaign you are coming from).
  4. Choose how the report should present the data, and what it should include, under “Columns of data”, “Presentation” and “What to include”.
  5. Click “Show report

The report is now generated. From the report view, you can export the report to PDF, Excel and XML.

Remember that reporting is a very flexible and customizable tool so we encourage you to experiment with the functions.


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