It's our job to monitor, track and analyze tons of data. And to make sure that you're always in on what's moving in the online advertising industry, we regularly publish reports based on these data.

Here you'll find our latest published reports containing all the stats, facts, figures and trends you need to know about if you want to be a true online advertising expert.

Emediate SSP - A case study of what works

1 year after the deployment of Emediate SSP it has become clear what generates revenue. We've gathered all the data on the top grossing SSP publishers to find the reason behind their success. Click the image below and read the SSP success story exemplified by to find out what works.

The new EmediateAd Geo Targeting (Oct 2012)

After changing geo targeting provider, the accuracy of the EmediateAd Geo Targeting has increased significantly. This report puts facts to figures and shows exactly how much the Geo Targeting has improved across four key metrics. The report includes data for all the Nordic countries and the results are stackering. And this is why we can honestly say: with the new EmediateAd Geo Targeting you simply get extreme accuracy.

Click on the picture to download the report

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