To help you get the most out of EmediateAd, we have created this section full of links and descriptions of cool programs that can help you improve your daily work with EmediateAd.

The tools on this list are the same tools that the Emediate Support Team uses and all of them are free.

Fiddler - Testing clickTAG in 3rd party tags

With Fiddler you can check whether a HTML Creative is counting click. Fiddler shows if the clickTAG and cachebuster have been inserted correctly, by tracking the information your browser sends to a website when you click on an advertisement.

See the full description of how to use Fiddler

Firebug - Identify live running Campaigns and Content units

Firebug breaks up a webpage into individual HTML elements, making it easy to analyze the HTML coding of an ad placement. With Firebug you can thus identify the Campaign Id or Content unit Id of an ad placement running on your webpage.

See the full description of how to use Firebug

Flash Decompiler - Testing flash creatives

With Flash Decompiler you can break up a Flash file into different component and analyze whether the clickTAG has coded correctly. If the clickTAG is not coded correctly, you are, in some cases, able to fix the error in EmediateAd with the help of Flash Decompiler.

See the full description of how to use Flash Decompiler

HttpWatch - Track the loading time of a webpage

If your webpage is loading slowly, you can use HttpWatch to track the loading time of each single HTML component to see if it is your advertisement which is causing the delay.

See our full description on how to use HttpWatch

IE Tester - Testing websites across all IE Versions

IE Tester can open a webpage in all released versions of Internet Explorer and can thus show if your advertisement (or webpage in general) is incompatible with any of these browser versions.

See the full description of how to use IE Tester

Unicode Code Converter - Fix broken URL's

Unicode Code Converter decodes URL's into ASCII code, which is the code browsers use to open webpages. So if you are experiencing that a URL is only working in some browsers, Unicode Code Converter can provide you with a URL that all browsers can read.

See the full description of how to use Unicode Code Converter

User Agents - Testing mobile websites on your computer browser

User Agents allows you to test how your website (and advertisement) looks on a mobile device. With a User Agent add-on, you can “instruct” your computer's browser to open any site (whether mobile or not) as if it was a mobile browser.

See the full description of how to use User Agents - Live test Campaigns

If you know your IP-address, you are able to target Campaigns to your specific internet connection and thereby live test campaigns on your computer. is website that tells you your exact IP-address.

See the full description of how to use

If you know a great tool that is not on this list. Please use the feedback button to the left and let us know.

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