Priority level

Priority levels are used to rank your Campaigns according to their importance. The priority level determines how often campaigns should be displayed and in case of overbooked inventory it is also used to determine which campaigns should have the highest priority.

There are five principal delivery methods: “Exclusive”, “Number of impressions/Clicks” (also called paced campaigns, divided in 9 different levels; paying 1-5 and non-paying 1-3 and highest CPM), “Fixed weight”, “Available impressions” and “House campaign”. The below list is in a falling order, which means that “Exclusive” will always have priority before the “Paying 3”, which will have priority before “House campaign” and so forth.

  • Exclusive: The campaign is shown every time.
  • Paying 1: Impression/click based level.
  • Paying 2: Impression/click based level.
  • Paying 3: Impression/click based level.
  • Paying 4: Impression/click based level.
  • Paying 5: Impression/click based level.
  • Non-paying 1: Impression/click based level.
  • Non-paying 2: Impression/click based level.
  • Non-paying 3: Impression/click based level.
  • Highest eCPM: Cost per mille. (thousand) impressions. Can be used to optimize your campaigns by their CPM value and the amount of traffic they receive.
  • Fixed weight: Fixed % weight of a Content unit; this can be used in time based campaigns, but is overruled by higher priority campaigns (Exclusive, Paying 1-5 and Non-paying 1-3).
  • Available impressions: Uses impressions that are left after above priorities. Can use Targeting.
  • House campaign: Uses impressions that are left after above priorities. Cannot use targeting; usually used for internal campaign advertising.
You can read more on how and why priority levels play an important part in EmediateAd here: Campaign Priority.

We recommend that you read more about the priority levels, as it is essential for the whole online delivery strategy, when using EmediateAd. As such it is also vital for optimizing your company revenues from online advertising through EmediateAd.


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