Using campaign templates

When adding new Campaigns in EmediateAd, the same basic campaign settings are often used repeatedly. Campaign templates offer an easy way to add campaigns with predefined settings without having to enter them manually every time. A campaign template will predefine settings for:


Create a new Advertiser network named “Campaign templates”. If your e-group contains several different campaign templates, it can be good to create different Advertisers, holding the different campaign templates:

Using this setup allows a superuser to share specific campaign templates to specific users, via User management in Admin. This can be useful if your ad ops team uses different campaign templates for different sites in your network.

Add campaign template

Any campaign can be used as a campaign template by checking the box Use as a campaign template under Campaign info/More options. The campaign still works exactly the same after selecting this option, but it will now also be available in a dropdown list titled Add using campaign template at the top of the Add campaign page.

In Campaign info a red text will appear notifying you that this campaign is a template.

Add campaign using campaign template

When adding a new campaign, click the drop down menu Add using campaign template at the top of the Add campaign page.

Select the campaign template you want to use and settings from the campaign template will be copied to the new campaign. You are required to give the new campaign a name and start/end dates as when adding a campaign the standard way.

It is possible to add the new campaign to a different advertiser and campaign group than that of the campaign template by selecting one from the dropdown lists.


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