The Campaign overview screen shows you all details about a single campaign. From here you can edit all campaign settings

Once you have created a Campaign you will be directed to the Campaign overview screen.

The campaign screen consists of different fields of information and options for your campaign. As such these different fields or areas are easily accessed for editing. There is no predetermined order in which to complete the booking, however, we will use an order that is easy to remember.

Start in the top right column, with the Creatives, work your way downwards through Placement and Targeting, etc. until you have completed the necessary fields.

When you are done, go to the top left field Status and change the campaign status to approved in order to get the banner online.

The only four fields that you need to complete to get your campaign online are the Campaign Info, Creatives, Placement and Status.

Targeting, Financial figures, Report and Tasks are optional fields.


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