Banner creative with template

The reason for using a template for your creative is usually to create a certain effect or to modify an existing flash file. You can add templates by pressing either Create HTML from template or Add using serverside template. The difference between these two types is that a template created from Create HTML from template, is generated into a HTML code and if you need to edit your template later on, you will have to edit manually in the HTML code. Templates created using the Add using serverside template does not turn into HTML code, so if you need to edit these creatives, you can do so in the template.

Parallax Multi-format

Expanding Multi-format

3D Cube Multi-format

Custom fullscreen Multi-format templates

Layer-popup template

Flashloader template

Expandable template

Overlay template

Interstitial template

There are several types of creatives and we will only guide you through the most common ones. The templates that are not covered are usually just combinations or variances on the ones covered, so by reading these instructions you should be able to work with all the templates in the list.


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