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According to “Better Ads Experience Program” starting on February 15, 2018, Google Chrome is blocking ads on websites that do not meet the requirements set by the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA). The current list of prohibited ads can be found on the CBA's website (https://www.betterads.org/standards/).

Requirements to Flash ads could be found on https://www.betterads.org/mobile-flashing-animated-ad/

For Flash creatives you are required to upload one flash file and one backup gif. When the flash file and the backup gif are uploaded, a test button appears for testing if the clickTAG is written correctly.

When standing in the campaign screen, click Edit in the Creatives box. Choose Shockwave Flash in the Add creative box:

  • Creative name: Enter a name for the creative, if you want to name the creative manually. Otherwise the system will select the filename per default as creative name. Creative names can be up to 30 characters.
  • Flash file: Either enter Flash url or upload Flash file (.swf). You can also specify what Flash version the browser is required to support in order to display the Flash file. If this number is higher than the version number supported by the browser, or if the browser doesn't support Flash at all, a backup image will be displayed instead.
  • Backup image: Here you specify the backup image to use for this creative. You may either point to a URL that returns an image file, upload an image file to be served by EmediateAd, or choose to point to a default 1×1 pixel image in case you do not have any image files to upload. The backup image is shown in browsers that do not support the required Flash version specified for this creative or do not support Flash at all.
  • Creative financials: Here you can set different financial values for different creatives. This field is optional. The various financial values will be explained in detail in our Financial figures section.
  • clickTAGs: Here you specify the clickTAG names and values to use with the Flash file for this creative. A clickTAG is a flash variable that defines the URL to navigate to, when the Flash banner is clicked. Flash banners may have multiple clickTAGs to be used for different clickable areas. EmediateAd supports up to 10 clickTAG URLs and allows alternative names of the clickTAG variables to match what is used in the Flash specifications.

More options Here you can specify a number of advanced options that control how your Flash banner will appear.

  • wmode tells the browser how to render the Flash banner.
    • The default option is opaque, which will hide everything that is behind the Flash banner on the web page where it is displayed. This is the best way to render a Flash banner on web pages with dynamic HTML.
    • The transparent option shows the background of the web page through all transparent portions of the Flash banner. It is slower but allows for banners with transparency to display correctly.
    • The window option plays the movie in its own rectangular window on the web page and is usually the fastest way to render a Flash banner.
  • allowScriptAccess controls how the Flash banner may communicate with the web page where it is displayed. When the value is always, the Flash banner can communicate with the web page even when the file is served from a different domain. When the value is sameDomain the Flash banner can only communicate with the web page if the file is served from the same domain as the web page. When the value is never the Flash file cannot communicate with the web page at all.
  • Log events allow you to add custom FlashVars in addition to the clickTAGs for event logging purposes. You specify the names of the variables here, as a comma-separated list. These names will be added as extra FlashVars with event logging URLs to EmediateAd as values. The ActionScript of the Flash file may call these URLs when a special event is triggered to log it in EmediateAd. The event logs are available in standard reports by selecting the Events option under Special data. Example: expand, collapse
  • Extra flash parameters may be entered here to support additional Flash functionality. The parameters should be comma-separated pairs of name=value strings. Example: scale=exactfit,bgcolor=#FF0000
  • Extra css styles will if entered wrap the Flash in a div element with the given CSS styles, allowing for customization of the way the banner is displayed on the web site. Example: position: absolute; z-index: 1000
  • Alternative click URL for backup image allows you to define a different URL for the backup image than the default click URL, which is the first clickTAG URL you have defined.
  • 3rd party impression tracking pixel is where you can put an optional tracking pixel URL. Make sure you replace any cache buster parameter with Emediate's own: _U_

Complete the Flash creative by clicking on Commit.

You can read about how to test if the Flash creative is working properly in our Testing the creative section.


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