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The option to book in a HTML creative is very useful, especially when working with 3rd party tags and when different effects should be added to a creative.

A 3rd party tag is a small piece of HTML code that usually calls a banner file from a server location outside of Emediate. This means that the institution where the banner is hosted easily can track how many times the banner has been called, which should correspond to the amount of impressions being counted in EmediateAd.

More information on specific 3rd party codes can be found here and can be useful when booking 3rd party tags.

For HTML creatives, you have two primary options: either you can paste in your own HTML code, or you can upload a HTML file. When working with the 3rd party tags, mentioned above, just follow the procedures below:

Paste in your own HTML content

Click Add Creative - HTML in the Creatives box and then click on Paste in your own HTML content. Then paste in your HTML content and edit it the way you need to.

Automatically insert click counter and random number into third party code

If you select this option, known third party tag formats will be detected and the Emediate click counter(EASLink=) and random number macro (_U_) will be inserted automatically if possible. It can also be done manually.

Please check the tag for correctness after using this function, it is not guaranteed to work correctly under all circumstances!

When you are finished, click on Update.

  • Global creative master: Tick off this box, if you wish to reuse this creative for another campaign. Please note: When you change a global creative master, all creative slaves pointing to this creative are changed as well.
This option is useful if you have a lot of campaigns that should use the same creative, as you only have to create the master creative in one campaign. In the other campaigns, you can just choose the option Add from creative master, in the add creatives screen.
  • Creative name: Enter a name for the creative, if you want to name the creative manually. Otherwise the system will select the filename per default as creative name. Creative names can be up to 30 characters.
  • Click url: This is the landing page for where you should be redirected when clicking on the creative. Often this URL is defined in the HTML and in that case, you can leave this field blank.

Under More options you can add a 3rd party impression tracking pixel. It is an optional URL to add an extra image tag to the creative, pointing to a 3rd party impression tracker. This option will not work together with content unit image tags!

Enter HTML url or upload a HTML file

You also have the possibility of Entering a HTML url or uploading a HTML File

  • Enter HTML url
    • If you enter a URL for the creative material, the system redirects to that URL. This type of creative will only work in Iframe tags!
    • It doesn't matter if the URL points to a static HTML file or if it is generated by the call. The system will just redirect the visitor to whatever URL is given.
    • We unfortunately won't be able to track clicks in these external HTML files.
  • Upload HTML file
    • If you upload a HTML file it will be served like a manually edited HTML and you will be able to use the creative with all types of tags.

Finish with Commit. The creative is shown in the Creative name field.

Testing the HTML creative

It is time to test if the HTML file is working correctly. Click View in the Creative name box and the banner will appear. Click on the banner and the landing page will open in a new window. If there is something wrong, you can always press the edit button, and then edit the code you have just pasted.


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