Live preview

With live preview you can test your creatives live on any matching Content Units. You can send the generated links to advertisers, etc, and they will also see the previewed creatives - in any browser.

When following the preview-link the selected Content Units will return the previewed creative until the browsers is closed - or until after 1 hour . Following the same link again will restart that 1 hour preview period.

  • Works instantly! (no need to wait for next 15 minute push)
  • No need to activate campaign!
  • Works for inactive creatives
  • No need to actually book campaign to the selected CUs
  • Impressions for live-previewed creatives are not counted
  • Possible to live preview complete campaign groups together.
  • Possible to specify Landing page URL (to where the live CUs are, for example)


  • If you follow multiple preview-links, only the last one clicked is valid.
  • A session cookie, eas_preview will be set in the browser when following the preview link


  • Video-campaigns are not supported yet
  • Preview is not working for the seldom used “image tags” (cre=img)

Live preview of single creative

First, click the [Live preview] link for the creative, on the campaign page for example - like below:

Then, you might want to do some modification of the settings on the Generate preview link page:

  1. Please double-check that Adserver domain is the same that you are using on the live pages (normally it is). Otherwise the preview doesn't work.
  2. If you want, you can select a Landing page URL where you will end up when clicking the preview link. You probably want this URL to point to where the live Content Units are located.
  3. It is also possible to change the Content Units where the creative will be live previewed. This of course doesn't change the real booking of the campaign.
  4. When ready, you can follow the generated preview link. This link is updated immediately when you change the settings.

Finished! Now when you follow the link, the selected Content Units will all return a preview of the creative in the current browser - until you close it or after 1 hour.

Live preview of complete campaign group

You might want to preview a campaign-group with all campaigns together. This is in particular useful for campaign groups with Inclusivity

The procedure is similar to when previewing individual creatives. You access i by using the [Live preview creatives in campaign group] link from the Campaign Group page:

The difference on the Generate preview link page from when working with individual creatives is that you can select creative + Content Units for each individual campaign in the group.

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