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Creatives define the advertising content that belongs to a campaign. A creative contains the content you want to display on the publisher’s website. In this example we will be creating a creative for a Banner campaign but the procedure is almost the same for all Campaign types.

There are three primary creative types in banner advertising in EmediateAd and they are all placed in the right side of the screen:

The Image creative (.gif .jpg .png) is a image file, which also can contain simple animations.

The HTML creative is used if you have third party tags or some special HTML code that need to be implemented.

The Flash creative is a small animated file (.swf).

You can add any number of creatives and you can inactivate or activate creatives at any time but there must always be at least one active creative. This means that as soon as you have added your first creative to the campaign, you will need to add a new creative, before you can remove the first. This is a safety precaution. If you do not have a creative added to your campaign, the campaign will not go live. Instead the campaign status will simply change from approved to waiting for approval.

To start creating one of the creative types, just click on the type of creative you want to create under Add creative.

[ Image creative ]

[ HTML creative ]

[ HTML5 Content ]

[ Video clip ]

[ Flash creative ]


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