Add campaign

A Campaign is a booking unit. Here you add the banner you want to show and set the different parameters for when and how it should be shown.

There are two ways to add a new campaign:

  • Choose the “Add campaign” option in the “Advertising” top menu.
  • Go by the Advertiser network and find the advertiser you want to add the campaign for.

Both options will eventually lead you to the same screen. We will use the second alternative as it will give a better feel for using the advertiser network structure.

Move the mouse pointer to Advertising in the main menu and choose Advertiser networks. Select the Advertiser network and the Advertiser where the campaign should be created.

Once the advertiser is selected you will see the advertiser screen, and in the bottom right, there is an option called Add campaign. By pressing it, you will reach the Add campaign screen which is the same screen as you would have reached by pressing Add campaign from the Advertising menu.


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