With Frequency targeting you configure Campaigns not to be shown more than X times within the selected time period.

When the time period has expired, the user will again be able to see the campaign. This of course only until it has been seen X times within the new time period.

When you use the frequency targeting EmediateAd places a cookie in the visitor’s and uses this cookie to control how many times the visitor is exposed to the campaign. But because the frequency targeting is cookie based, the visitors might be exposed to the campaigns more times than wished if the visitor regularly deletes cookies or uses more than one browser.

Some browsers, such as Safari, do not allow 3rd party cookies. Therefore CxenseDisplay will not show campaigns with frequency targeting to visitors using such browsers.

To allow displaying frequency targeted campaigns to browsers where cookies are not allowed or where CxDisplay not yet have set a cookie, please add the parameter cssm=1 (“client-side state management”) to the request.

Please be aware of that frequency-targeted campaigns could be shown more times than booked and with a risk of a non accurate forecasting.

Please visit our in depth description for a more technical information on how EmediateAd places frequency cookies.


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