Add an advertiser to an advertiser network

An Advertiser is the actual customer who is responsible and paying for the advertisement on your website.

You can add as many advertisers as you like. In advertisers, you can create campaigns and campaign groups for your advertisers but you can also store different information about this particular advertiser.

  1. From the top row of icons, move the mouse pointer over the “Advertising” icon and click on the option “Advertiser networks” in the drop down menu.
  2. Click on the advertiser network where you want to create your advertiser and then press “Add advertiser”.
  3. Enter name and information for the advertiser. You only need to fill out the Name of advertiser field; the other information fields are optional.
  4. If you want to automatically create an advertiser login and send it to your advertiser, you can do that by checking the appropriate field. By doing this you give an advertiser the opportunity to view their campaigns.
  5. Press the “Update” button to add the advertiser.

To read more about what the advertiser login contains, please see this page.


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