Defining your advertisers and booking campaigns

This chapter will explain how you set up your Advertiser network, Advertisers and how to book different Campaigns.

Furthermore, we explain which targeting possibilities you have.

Basic concepts and structure

Advertiser network is your customer categorization system and it is in the advertiser network, you store your customer information and view the customers campaigns.

An advertiser network consists of one or more Advertisers. It is a good idea to think about how you would like to structure your advertiser networks as it makes it easier to retain a good overview on your customers and advertisers.

If you work with different media agencies or sales partners, it might be a good idea to create different advertiser networks, to keep different affiliations separated. If you do not work with such affiliates, you might want to stick to just one advertiser network.

An Advertiser consists of an advertiser's information, campaign groups and campaigns. It is usually labeled by the name of the advertiser.

A Campaign is a booking unit where you put the banner you want to show, and set the different parameters for when and how it should be shown. You can have more than one banner (or creative as it is called in EmediateAd) but each campaign should only consist of banners in the same size.

A Campaign group is a grouping of campaigns. With campaign groups you can set specific instructions for the campaigns as a group. You prevent the different banners from showing at the same time on the same page, or give them a common delivery target, etc.


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