Content unit optimization

Content unit optimization is an add-on optimization feature not included in the standard EmediateAd setup. Please contact Emediate for pricing.

Content unit optimization is a function that automatically delivers the best performing campaigns booked to a content unit based on the last days of traffic on the content unit. This function will overwrite the forecasting mechanism and instead assign campaign weights based on the given optimization settings.

The content unit optimization settings can be accessed from the Content unit Edit page:

  • Traffic to assign to best performing campaigns decides how many % of the total traffic that will be assigned to the top campaigns on this content unit.
  • Number of campaigns sharing this traffic will decide how many campaigns to share the assigned traffic.
  • Method to select “best” campaigns can be either Click % or eCPM.
  • Start optimization on priority level will decide on what campaign priority level to start the optimization. All lower priority levels (House campaigns excluded) will be included in the optimization.
  • Base calculation on traffic from last X days will decide how many days of logged traffic to look at when optimizing.
  • Last day of optimization traffic will show what the last date of logged traffic currently is. This is normally the current day with one hour's delay of logged traffic.

The optimization mechanism starts at a given priority level and will split the given percentage evenly between the top campaigns. Remaining traffic will be split evenly between the rest of the campaigns except for house campaigns.

Priority level House campaign will not be included in the optimization.


The optimization settings for content unit C are:

Assign 50% traffic to the 2 best campaigns according to Click %, starting on priority level Paying 1 and based on traffic for the last 7 days. Today is a Monday.

Content unit C has 5 campaigns:

  1. Exclusive with 50% fixed weight
  2. Paying 1
  3. Paying 1
  4. Available impressions
  5. House campaign

The optimization looks at the sum of traffic from last Tuesday until now and finds that the click rates are:

  1. 0.1%
  2. 0.2%
  3. 0.1%
  4. 0.3%
  5. 0%

The content unit optimization will assign the following weights to the campaigns:

  • Campaign 1 gets 50% of the total traffic since this is an Exclusive campaign and optimization only starts at the Paying 1 level.
  • Campaigns 2 and 4 have the best click rate of the three campaigns that we optimize on so they each get 25% of the remaining traffic which is 12.5% of the total traffic.
  • Campaign 3 is the worst performing campaign that we optimize on, so it gets 100% of the remaining traffic, which is 25% of the total traffic.
  • Campaign 5 gets no weight and no traffic because it is a house campaign.

Note that in this example, campaign 4 got more of the total traffic than the two best campaigns, but this is only because there were no more campaigns available to share the remaining traffic.

Also note that campaign 4 was guaranteed its traffic share before campaign 3 even though it was on a lower priority level. On a content unit without optimization, it would only get the available impressions after campaigns 1-3 had reserved their traffic share.

Content unit optimization based on eCPM works the same except that it is based on the best eCPM values of campaigns booked with CPM financial figures instead of click %. Campaigns with other types of financial figures or no figures at all will have an eCPM value of 0.

If the count of worst performing campaigns with the same eCPM or click rate make the count of better performing campaigns lower than the given optimization count, the count is reduced to only include the maximum amount of distinctly better campaigns. This ensures that when only one or a few campaigns have a non-zero eCPM or click rate, they will not share optimization traffic with any of the worst performing campaigns (such as newly started campaigns that have not yet collected any metrics).


The optimization settings for content unit C are:

Assign 80% traffic to the 2 best campaigns according to eCPM.

The campaigns eligible for content unit optimization have the following eCPM values:

  1. 0.5
  2. 0
  3. 0

Campaign 1 gets 80% traffic, because there was no other campaign with a distinctly better eCPM than the worst campaigns. Campaign 2 and 3 each get 10% of the remaining 20% traffic.

If all campaigns have the same eCPM or click rate, 100% of all remaining traffic will be equally shared between these campaigns. This includes the case when only one campaign exists.

To remove content unit optimization from a content unit, update all settings on the Content unit Edit page to 0 or the topmost selection in the dropdown boxes.

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