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Click-to-call is a way for advertisers to increase conversion rates by allowing a link with a phone number in the ad. When the user clicks the link from within a mobile browser the device calls that number.

Most modern browsers support this, but make sure the target mobile device support this before using this in a campaign. You can try it from a mobile device using the below link. How the device handles these links is entirely up to the device manufacturer, and so will vary between devices.

Visit this page from a mobile browser and try for yourself. Click here to call

How do I use Click-to-call in my mobile ads?

Link to a phone number using a tel: link. A tel: link is like an http: link, but it will call a phone number instead of open a web page when you click it.

In an HTML creative, use an <a> tag with a tel: link like this:

<a href="tel:+46-1234-4567">Click here to call</a>

With an image or flash creative, enter a click url with a tel: link like this



  • Most modern devices support Click-to-Call, but make sure the target device supports it before using it in a campaign.
  • Do not write http: or // in a tel: link. This will break the link.
  • Include the country code (e.g. +46) in the phone number, so that the link will work for international callers.
  • Some mobile devices do not support blank spaces in the phone number (use the dash sign, -, instead of blank spaces to visually separate blocks of numbers). Also avoid # and *

Typical Click-to-Call Behavior

  • Before the call is placed, there will be a popup window in the mobile browser asking if a call should be made (see the screen shot from iPhone below)
  • Some non-phone mobile device (like iPod Touch or iPad), don’t allow voice calls. Again their behavior is depending on device. (See the screen shot from iPad below).

Pop up from iPhone

Pop up from iPad

Linking to the iTunes app store, music store, or book store

You can use Apple's iTunes Link Maker to create an http: link to a specific item in the iTunes store and use it as a click url. On supported devices, clicking a creative with an iTunes click url will open the iTunes, iBook, or App Store app and go to the linked item. On other devices, it will open the iTunes web page for the item.

An iTunes link targets a specific country's iTunes store. The link may not work for users from any other country. To increase conversion rates for internationally targeted campaigns, use country-targeted creatives that each link to the targeted country's iTunes store.
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