Server side templates (2nd generation)


This new template system currently supports templates written in JavaScript. Templates can be uploaded as zip-files and/or created/edited on the Edit templates page in the UI.

In order to create/edit templates the user must have the Can edit templates privilege enabled in AdminUser management[user].

After this procedure, the menu Admin ⇒ Edit templates will appear for the user. Using that page, templates can be added and edited.

Notice: Templates can now be renamed and removed, etc. The notice that was previously here advising about “careful naming” of templates is therefore no longer valid :)
Beware that incompatible updates of existing templates might cause existing creatives to malfunction! If you for example change the name of an input field, existing creatives (created before the name change) will still contain the old name. This might cause the JavaScript output (output.js) to not work as expected.

So, if you have active or to-be-active creatives that you don't want to break when updating the template, follow one of these steps:

1. Either make sure that the changes are backward-compatible, or..

2. Copy the template by first downloading it from the Edit templates page, add a new template (with a new name) and upload the just downloaded zip-file.

Content of a template

For simple templates it is usually not necessary to edit template content manually, it should be enough to use the template page. However, below is a detailed explanation of the content of a template:


In order to re-use functionality, components can be used. This is a way to share functionality in-between your templates. We have also developed free-to-use components (EASContent, etc) for handling content such as zipped HTML-documents, etc - that can be used from your own templates.

Time for template updates to have effect

A template update will go live upon the next push (usually within 15 minutes). When using the [View] functionality for creatives, the changes will have effect immediately.

Recommended workflow

In order to get immediate response when tweaking templates we recommend that you create a test campaign + creative using the template and view it using the [View] functionality within the Booking UI.

  1. Use the Apply button to update the template, without leaving the edit page.
  2. Use F5 to refresh the view creative window.

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