Release notes

Live preview

You can now preview creatives directly on your sites - including full campaign groups! There is no need anymore to use exhausting procedures of activating campaigns with IP/URL targeting, etc. And you don't need to wait for the result - as live preview works instantly.

This makes live-testing of creatives seamless and gives the possibility to send preview-links to advertisers - to see not yet active campaigns directly on your sites.

  • Works instantly! (no need to wait for next 15 minute push)
  • No need to activate campaign!
  • Works for inactive creatives
  • No need to actually book campaign to the selected CUs
  • Impressions for live-previewed creatives are not counted
  • Possible to live preview complete campaign groups together.
  • Possible to specify Landing page URL (to where the live CUs are, for example)

Read full documentation here!

AMP support

Cxense Display is now officially supported by Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages. By using the <amp-ad> element you can now use Cxense Display as your ad-server on AMP pages.

Read full documentation here!

Video clips in normal banners + new templates

Now you can book video clips in normal banner campaigns!

Video clip

There will also be a set of new templates available to all customers:

Parallax Multi-format

Expanding Multi-format

3D Cube Multi-format

Custom fullscreen Multi-format templates

New HTML5 template

We are happy to introduce the new server side template called “HTML5 Content”. The template will facilitate uploading of HTML5 creatives and the template is found among the normal creative types. The plus sign in the end of the name indicates that this template is one of the first one out of our next generation server side temple tool which you can read more about here.

The new version presents support for click tracking with clickTAG parameter and better support for responsiveness. More info here

From Flash to HTML5

The online advertising industry is seeing a rapid decline in the use of Flash creatives. Mainly due to the fact that users are shifting to mobile devices and browser support for Flash is declining. Recent statistics says only around 60% use a browser where flash is enabled by default.

Flash has up till now worked on most desktop browser but starting in September Chrome (approx 50% of all desktop browsers) will have a default setting to pause Flash which is provided from a third party which means the vast majority of all ads.

This change will most likely speed up change the change from Flash to HTLM5 and as a publisher you will receive more and more HTML5 creatives so here are some guidelines to help you out with this transformation.

2nd Generation Server Side Template Tool

We are very proud to introduce our new tool for Server Side Templates. Apart from a new and more user friendly interface to book the creative we have created a lot of new useful template functionality. And the biggest news of them all is that you can build, edit, test and deploy your own templates without any involvement of the Cxense team.

You can read more about the new system here: Server side templates (2nd generation)

To enable the functionality, please contact our support team at

For the time being the old system will coexist with the new one, but we are in the process of porting all templets to the new tool. To distinguish the new templates from the old we have added a +-sign in the end of the new templates.

HTML5 Creative Template

We are happy to introduce the new server side template called “HTML 5 creative”. The template will facilitate uploading of HTML5 creatives and the template is found in the list of server side templates. The plus sign in the end of the name indicates that this template is the first one out of our next generation server side temple tool.

More on this in a little while, but the new tool will give an easier booking/management of templates in general but also the functionality to create and edit templates yourself!

The HTML5 creative works in the way that you simply upload a zip-file and select the index file and the system will take care of the rest!


HTML5 Creative

The HTML5 Creative makes it possible to upload a complete web-page as a zip file. The main/index HTML file will be displayed inside an iframe. The zip-file's directory-structure will be maintained on the web server and there are no specific restrictions of its' content. This template works for any tag type (Friendly iframe, composed JS, normal JS, etc).

Click tracking injection

In general there should not be any need of manually modifying the click urls in the creative if Click tracking injection is selected. The “injection” does the following in the HTML document of the creative (including documents of additional nested iframes hosted on the same domain):

It will replace, …) with a custom function that will add our click counting URL before the url. It will add a click counting URL in a similar manner to the href attribute of <a> tags.

This injection will take place upon the following events:

The onload event for the iframe hosting the main/index HTML file. Or, for Adobe Edge generated content, when the compositionReady event is fired.

However, there are a couple of obscure situations where click injection will fail:

<a> tags are created after the events mentioned above, or the href attributes are changed after these events. If the events are, for some reason, not triggered. Or if the user manages to click before the events occurs. If there is an iframe hosted on another domain inside the creative which handles the click.

In order to make sure that click counting works it is recommended to use the “Test click-counting” functionality inside the view creative window in the booking interface. If this option is used and the click redirects to our test page


If Resize to content is selected the ad will resize itself to the content dimension upon the same events as are used for click tracking injection (onload or compositionReady).

Delivery Status

We have now introduced Delivery Status directly in the campaign view to better see how your campaign is performing when you are managing the campaign. The Delivery status will reuse the colour codes used in the Campaign Status function.

Device Targeting

With Version 4.19 The Cxense Display team is very proud to announce a major upgrade of the device targeting functionality. The brand new device targeting functionality has an easy selection between different platforms like Desktop, Smartphone and Tablet.

In each area you can drill down to e.g phone manufacturer, OS version or exact screen size by pixel precision.

The new device targeting is enabled in the Network Setup area in the Admin section.

Cxense Gallery Site

We are also proud to present our new Gallery Site at You can sort on different categories in the top and also click on the format to get a visual example of the creative in a webpage environment. To enable/launch creative formats for a customer please contact support at

3D Ads

CxDisplay now have full support for the unique Cxense 3D Ad format as a creative server side template. Please contact to enable your 3D ads.

Live examples:

How to document is available here: cxense3dadvertisingv4.pdf

Video demo of actual 3D ad:

The Adobe Flash Plugin is needed to display this content.

Technical Release Notes

  • Bugfix EAS-778: Make the 'on target %' column work again
  • Bugfix EAS-766: Wrong date format in campaign report form
  • Finished EAS-751: Added possibility to include/exclude individual category dimensions
  • Bugfix EAS-193: Replaced help text for competing targeting
  • Bugfix EAS-522: Fixed the losing of the “exclude” option on URL, geo, and zip code targeting on booking wizard and forecast pages
  • Finished EAS-613: Improved device targeting report speed
  • Feature EAS-679: Book video creatives via API.
  • Bugfix EAS-574: Booking campaigns against CU packages via API broken.
  • Improvement EAS-613: Preparation for new device targeting reports.
  • Bugfix EAS-740: only set FIF body+document size if explicitly specified
  • Finished EAS-652: New HTML5 Content+ template
  • Finished EAS-652: Add support for reusable components in the new template system (+IAB_sidkick and HTML5 fixes). HTML5 will resize in FiF
  • Finished EAS-261: Improvements of Inclusivity with thread-safe delivery to remove risk of error during concurrent requests
  • Bugfix EAS-694: Clicking HTML5 creatives should not open a “popup-style” window in Internet Explorer
  • Bugfix EAS-720: Make it possible to match exlude name-value-pair targeting with less pairs supplied in ad request
  • Bugfix EAS-710: Keep retargeting info in booking wizard between steps 3/4
  • Bugfix EAS-694: Clicking HTML5 creatives should not open a “popup-style” window in Internet Explorer
  • Bugfix EAS-720: Make it possible to match exlude name-value-pair targeting with less pairs supplied in ad request
  • Tweak: Made the campaign traffic weight description appear to the user again.
  • Bugfix EAS-711: It should be possible to specify in which content units a creative can appear in.
  • Bugfix EAS-709: Fixed targeting/multiple choice matching bugs
  • Bugfix EAS-710: Keep retargeting info in booking wizard between steps 3/4
  • Bugfix EAS-693: Match name-value-pairs with spaces in values in easDaemon
  • Bugfix EAS-676: Don't use load balancing for campaignDaemon as impression+click machines might differ (gmail)
  • Finished EAS-657: Have Mobile SDK Responsive option for creatives (used by SDK)
  • Tweak: don't resize HTML5 creative to zero height in Firefox when 'Resize to content' is selected
  • Tweak: make it possible to use new-style template creative as master
  • Bugfix EAS-615: Fixed automatic click counter insertion into alternate Google DoubleClick tags
  • Finished EAS-639: Added automatic click counter insertion into Atlas Solutions tags
  • Bugfix EAS-640, ZEN-6373: Exclude option when booking campaigns with Multiple Choice + Number Range custom targeting via API
  • Bugfix ZEN-6866: The back arrow has false link on some pages.
  • Finished EAS-641: Availability check optimization for device targeting
  • Finished EAS-514: For the SDK ⇒ Add meta-data (campaign width/height, etc) in mod_eas-response when using meta=y
  • Bugfix EAS-635: Correctly take device-targeting into account when using forecast avail-check
  • Finished EAS-550: Sample-based device targeting forecast
  • Finished EAS-619: New parameter to allow frequency targeted campaigns to be shown when the user id was just generated
  • Bugfix EAS-604: Improve report performance by reading only requested campaigns
  • Bugfix EAS-597: Fixed incorrect device reporting for reports spanning multiple dates
  • Bugfix EAS-602: true impressions should be counted also for template creatives
  • Finished EAS-472: Exclude device targeting
  • Finished EAS-134, EAS-560: Updated campaign report boxes on advertiser, campaign, and campaign group pages
  • Finished EAS-424: 3rd party impression tracking per creative on video creatives.
  • Finished EAS-580: Click-count test for new template creatives
  • Tweak: HTML5 Creative documentation
  • Finished EAS-593: Make booking of new template creatives work in Internet Explorer
  • Tweak: In layerpop_html, set EAS variable in friendly iframe
  • Tweak: make HTML5 creative position itself correctly
  • Tweak: EAS-576 Add Mobile SDKs links at the bottom of networksetup page
  • Bugfix EAS-553: Restore advertisers & campGroups ordering by name in UI
  • Tweak: Finished EAS-531 & EAS-532: Corrected upgraded name of the DMP-feeder.
  • Bugfix #EAS-553: Restore advertisers & campGroups ordering by name in UI
  • Bugfix #EAS-567: Fixed incorrect device log summarizing leading to bad report data
  • Tweak: #EAS-467: Add user configurable cube rotation speed
  • Tweak: Fix url lookup and slide event reporting for slide and 3d cube
  • Tweak: #EAS-509 Different URLs on 3d cube sides
  • Bugfix #EAS-553: CampaignAdd page speed optimization
  • Tweak: #EAS-456: Ignore vertical scroll events in mobile templates
  • Bugfix #EAS-553: CampaignEditInfo page optimization
  • Bugfix #EAS-215: Hover color on drop-downs inconsistent.
  • Bugfix #EAS-551: Showing device targeting changes in action log
  • Tweak: zip-file upload fixes for new templates
  • Tweak: fixes for layerpop_html using new template system
  • Finished #EAS-104: Server side templates. Second version.
  • Tweak: have booth [view (http)] and [view (https)] (instead of just [view]) + removed user access check in view_creative
  • Finished #EAS-282: Showing campaign delivery status on the view campaign page
  • Finished #EAS-293: Raw export report modules outputs html in front of plain data
  • Finished #EAS-192: Disable possibility to deactivate the last creative.
  • Bugfix #EAS-552: Restored missing names on printer friendly content unit overview page
  • Tweak: Make Parallax3dAd work with composed javascript
  • Bugfix #EAS-515: Support for VAST 3.0 when using skipoffset.
  • Finished #EAS-454: Content unit overview refactoring/optimization
  • Bugfix #EAS-520: Fix for URL targeting with wildcards
  • Bugfix #EAS-521: Don't put name-value-pairs in edit targeting UI on the same line
  • Tweak: added Parallax3dAd template.
  • Bugfix #EAS-427: Strike users in GUI if deactivated in SuperAdmin, and makes it possible to rehabilitate users in SuperAdmin from egroupview.
  • Tweak: fix layerpop-template on https by using protocol for images
  • Finished: #EAS-422: API support for booking video campaigns
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