IE-Tester - Testing websites across all IE Versions

We all know that different browser load HTML in completely different ways. But sometimes even different versions of the same browser will load HTML in different ways. So if customers report problems with their Campaigns but you cannot re-enact the problem using the same browser - it is most likely because you use different versions of the same browser.

As Internet Explorer (IE) is still the most used browser worldwide, testing ads across all existing versions of IE will reveal if your webpage is incompatible with old IE versions - and luckily for us IE Tester lets us do that in a quick and easy way!

Using IE Tester

IE Tester is a free program you can download from

In the top bar choose which version of Internet Explorer you would like to test. If you wish to test the website across all versions choose 'All IE versions'

Then paste in the URL of the webpage you would like to test and click 'Ok'.

The webpage is now opened in individual tabs for each version. Switch between the tabs to see how the website is read in the different versions of Internet Explorer.


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